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One Father was setup because there is extremely low help out there for Single Fathers. Statics are that there is about 2.25 Million Single Fathers and approximately 46,000 on welfare. Single Mothers 15.6 Million and approximately 743,000. How long do most single mothers remain on welfare?

While most women who go on welfare leave it in five years or less, nearly one in four depend on it for 10 years or longer -- more than 2 million families at any given time. It is these chronic recipients who are at the center of the debate about dependency and work, public generosity and stinginess. See that there is more help for Mothers then Fathers.

We are here to help Single Fathers to get the services they Deserve. To help them be a better Father. Don't quote me wrong there is mothers out there that need help but SINGLE FATHERS get the short end of the twig.


Services that we will provide is education to learn to be a better FATHER. Also will be helping to get services needed for Financial, Housing, Food, and Transportation.

Our Cause

We are here to help Single Fathers with education and help get services needed to be a BETTER FATHER. The donations that we get go to helping and serving Single Fathers.

Help to get Education

Education classes to help Single Fathers understand and raise a healthy children.

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We will be setting up a Podcast and Video information.

Thanks for the results achieved with you!

Thru the support you have given we will achieve our goals. Please keep donating on our donation page. Thank you for your support.

Helped People

We will help Single Fathers achieve their best results.


We are here to help Single Fathers. The donations that we get will go to helping and serving Single Fathers.

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